Branches Ecological Landscapes

Regenerative design for the Triangle

We are an edible and regenerative landscape design and build company based in Chatham County, NC.  We serve the triangle with a passion for beauty, sustainability, community, and food production.  Our mission is to directly contribute to creating a new food paradigm on a local level by helping individuals grow their own food.  Our practice is rooted in the ethics of permaculture.



A landscape that is designed as a well functioning ecosystem promotes diversity, vibrancy, and a multitude of yields.

Branches Ecological Landscapes is operated by Hope and Luke McMullan.  Our business is directly tied into our life directive of health and education for family, community, and planet.  We have each been working with plants, water, and soil from childhood and have been collaborating since 1999.  We strive to follow an ethic of thoughtfulness and compassion in all that we do from designing and building gardens to raising our children.





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